Why have a benefit company?

Benefit companies arise from the saturation of the classic way of doing business based on profit without taking into consideration what surrounds the company (environment, people and society).

The company can create benefits, or transform itself at a later time. The choice to become a benefit company is voluntary : all types of companies envisaged by the civil code can use the benefit company model by inserting the general and specific common benefit purposes in the corporate purpose new commercial property singapore.

Benefit companies offer economic and investment guarantees characterized by greater sensitivity towards highly common issues today such as: sustainability, respect and transparency.

They also represent a flywheel that can:

– bring in new investors (interested in an innovative, sustainable and respectful business);

– create more publicity thanks to the many benefits brought to the community;

– have a greater attraction towards suppliers and collaborators.

The advantages of the benefit company are not immediately visible , if we consider the various legal and bureaucratic practices. If you enter the mind of this type of company, it is possible to discover that, in addition to these, there are also others that push many companies to transform.

Benefit company: a credit to encourage birth

Benefit corporations represent the future. And the demonstration of their continuous growth is confirmed by the latest decree. To encourage the creation of these companies, the Relaunch Decree introduced a tax credit equal to 50% of the costs of incorporation or transformation into a benefit company.