Types of color contacts

The majority of hued contact lenses are made to resemble the natural appearance of the eyeball, the shaded part of the eye. Because this region is comprised of vibrantly colored shapes and linear patterns, a few coloured contact lens Singapore includes a sequence of small colored pixels as well as radically organized colored line segments and shapes to make the lenses appear more intuitive on the retina. The center of the lens, which remains over your pupil, is evident, allowing you to see. Color contacts are available in three different tints:

Visibility tint

A faint blue or green tinge is generally applied to lenses to assist you to see it easier while placement and removal, or in case you miss it. Visible tinting is very light and does not affect the color of your eyes. This enhances grip and makes it possible to view the lens while taking them out of or taking them back into your lens bag.  

Enhancement tint

This is a transparent solid tint that is somewhat thicker than a transparency tint. An enhancing tint, as the title suggests, is intended to improve the original color of your eyes. Colored lenses with this sort of hue are often suitable for persons who have light-colored eyes and wish to intensify their eye color. 

Opaque tint

This is indeed non-transparent tinting that may entirely change the color of your eyes. If you have darker eyes, you will require this sort of color lenses to modify the color of your eyes.