Everything you need to know about Eylaw firm?

Considering today’s incredibly challenging regulatory system, legal challenges in performance management may occasionally happen, necessitating the quick response of labour and employment attorneys. Eylaw LC Lawyers knows its customers’ business and is well-equipped to deliver prompt legal assistance and realistic solutions for all labour and employment concerns.

In addition, they collaborate closely with EY specialists, such as technology professionals, tax advisors, internal control advisers, and people advisory services professionals, to provide integrated services and guidance on cross-border employment concerns.

Why choose Eylaw?

As a Hong Kong-based employment and labour law practise, our attorneys provide legal assistance on a broad variety of performance management and issues related to employment, including:

  • Employment policies and Workforce planning are being developed.
  • Service contracts and employment contracts
  • Codes of behaviour and employee handbooks
  • Benefits packages
  • Employee incentive programmes such as restricted share programs, Hong Kong initial public offerings and pre-IPO share option programs, share appreciation programs, and carried interests incentive programs are examples of employee incentive plans.
  • Everyday working concerns, such as health and safety
  • Concerns about harassment and discrimination
  • Employment considerations in acquisitions and mergers, business transfers, and labour restructurings
  • Disciplinary actions are decided, and internal investigations are conducted to investigate probable misbehaviour.
  • Providing legal training in the field of talent management
  • Employment connections are terminated in a variety of conditions, including redundancy, summary dismissal, malfeasance, and dispute with workers.
  • Employment conflicts and employee demands for restitution stemming from his removal
  • Employee confidentiality and information protection
  • Restriction covenants, such as non-solicitation and non-competition agreements


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