What are litigation services?

Litigation is known as the procedure of taking legal action. This happens when you want to put a stop to disputes legally. The litigation services range from corporate disputes to home disputes etc. You can find services related to litigation in Kalamazoo by searching about them online.

Two main common types of disputes included in litigation

Civil – Civil cases include activities like tenant issues, Defamation, and other tort cases considered. Breach of claims and contracts added in Civil litigation like litigation in Kalamazoo

Criminal – Criminal litigation involves matters related to criminal activities. Criminal lawyers are often under this category. Criminal Activities like murder, violence, fraud, smuggling, etc.

The litigation process-

Most litigation firms will provide you with a litigation lawyer/ attorney who will fight to defend or act on your case.

As a lawyer, they must know all about your legal rights. Proper research must be conducted. And paper and evidence must collect in favour of the case.

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The two parties involved-

  • Plaintiff– If you are the person who will take legal action against a particular party. If you take the case to court, then you are the Plaintiff. The person who files the suit is being the Plaintiff.
  • Defendant – The defendant, on the other hand, is the party on which the complaint has been made. Or the suit has been filed. If you are the person on whom somebody has filed a case, then you are the defendant.

Investigations made

The attorney carries out different investigation procedures, from proceeding to the site to interviewing people. The research of the other party’s character and other leads is thoroughly checked and then presented.

Pre-lawsuit negotiation – Before taking things to court, both parties can negotiate the conditions. And can agree not to take the matter to court. If the negotiation is not the solution, they can proceed with the matter to the court.

Trial – A trial happens when pre-lawsuit negotiations are not successful. And the matter is then presented before the jury to deserve justice.

You can hire an attorney to improve your chances in legal matters further.

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