What should you know about COVID 19 and car shopping?

With the COVID pandemic taking over, things have become very different for the car dealership industry. People are not taking public transportation and have relied on buying Used cars in Tucson. Shoppers prefer online dealerships with less paperwork and no contact with people. Even during COVID 19 times, you plan to go car shopping; you have to maintain the protocols. Maintain social distancing so that you are safe and you can keep the neighborhood safe.

Tips for buying or leasing a car

  1. Doing the online research.

Even though test drives are best to learn about a car, but with COVID, plan in time. Do your research properly so that you don’t do the narrow picks. Further, watch a lot of car reviews and even read about used cars. Spend as little time as possible at the dealership. Just pick up the car and come home.

  1. Confirm about the pricing online

After deciding which model of used cars in Tucson you are planning to buy, confirm what you want physically. Likewise, give an upfront price offer, including the fees you will pay at the dealership. You might also negotiate the price with the dealer. Just maintain the distance even when you are visiting them physically. Email the dealer about the availability of the car, and you can chalk out as many details as possible.

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  1. Inspecting the car through video chat

You usually visit the dealers to take test drives of the cars. But now you have to do a video chat to see the details of the cars. Secondly, tech has made it so much easier for people. You can inspect the vehicle right from the comforts of your home. You can use various video calling services like Facebook, Messenger, Skype, etc. Set up a time with the dealer and check out the car remotely.

  1. Using the online tools for credit

Financing can take some time so, you can use the online tools in the meantime. Apply online for the funding with the bank or asking for credit. If you are approved of the loan, the dealer will let you know.


Always ask about the delivery of the car. It should be delivered right to your doorstep. There is a home option available for the customers. COVID 19 has been changing lives, but car shopping is yet not going down. The market is still in a stable position.