To begin a teleconference, what do you need?

A conference call meeting is similar to any other business meeting in that it takes place over the phone. The only difference is that it takes place over the phone instead of in person. AOS platform provides you a method to stay in touch with your team without needing to meet in person.

The following are the most critical things you’ll need to participate in a conference call:

  • Number to call
  • Code of access
  • PIN

Regardless of whether your meeting is held online or over the phone, you’ll need these numbers.

Dial-in numbers

A dial-in number is the phone number that conference call participants must dial to join the session. Your service provider will provide you with these numbers. A particular dial-in number, which is a code linked to your account, is also available.

You won’t have to share conference lines with a dedicated dial-in number, so there’s no need to make a reservation before organizing a meeting. You’ll be able to teleconference at any moment in ip office phone system.

Toll versus free toll numbers

Toll and toll-free numbers are available for dialing. If participants utilize a toll dial-in number, they will be charged call fees. If the dial-in number is toll-free, however, the host is responsible for the call cost.

Local versus international numbers

Participants can participate in conference calls from any location on the planet. When contacting a local number, all you need is the phone number and the access codes to make the call. To avoid any unexpected charges on your account, make a note of whether the number is toll or toll-free.

If you’re dialing a number from another country, you’ll need to add a country code to the beginning of the number. Because each country has its code, make sure you know which one you’ll need for your meeting.