The Art OfLocal Handyman Services In Indianapolis

As a child, I once was playing cricket with my cousins in our grandma’s backyard, which led to me hitting a superb four and the ball going into the house by breaking the glass window. After a few hours, the glass had been fixed by this man who I thought was a superhero since he mended the window in a very short amount of time. Turns not, he was no superhero, but a mere handyman.

For those who do not know what a local handyman services in Indianapolis is or who handymen are, a handyman job is something a person does (basically small jobs) by repairing things in their house to earn small amounts of money. In other words, a person who does odd jobs.

The first question that might come to your mind is: why do people do such jobs? The answer is due to the job crisis that is going on in the US (3.2 million people are unemployed currently) and some due to the pandemic are forced to change their professions. Because these employed people have nothing else to do, they start doing these handyman jobs to keep the money flowing into their households.

Handyman jobs in the U.S:

The handyman industry is bigger than we think it to seem. At this moment, more than 91000 people are employed for doing handyman services in the United States. To go further into the statistical part of it, 7.6% of handymen jobs are done by women and 87.2% are done by men.

People also get into these jobs as the starting salary of a handyman job is $54,000 (40 lakhs INR) and the average salary of an experienced handyman is $75,869 (56 lakhs INR). In terms of education, people who dropped out of high school or only have their high school diploma are more on the side of taking up a handyman job, compared to those who went to college.

Therefore, I believe that these jobs are very essential to exist. We shouldn’t look down upon these jobs or the people who do them, for all I know that if they didn’t exist, my grandma’s window would still be broken to this very day.