Sanitary management services at UTPR

Opening any kind of health center or any of the service basically needs two kinds of autorizaciones sanitarias or the licenses. The first amongst them is the Environmental License through its City Council and the second one is the authorization as well as registration in the Sanitary Registry. Therefore, so that all of the health centers as well as the services, whatever may be their specialty, in order to be able to begin them up or in the event of any significant modification that is made in them, requires the health licenses and/or administrative authorization of operation which is granted by the Registry of Health Centers and Services of its Autonomous Community.

So, generally, the below cases are subject to this kind of procedure (health licenses):

autorizaciones sanitarias

  1. Beginning of operation as well as opening to the public
  2. Modification of all the service portfolio
  3. Moving to some new location
  4. Plays
  5. Closing

 Our site UTPR is basically in charge of advising, processing as well as obtaining authorizations or you can say health licenses which are essential for the Legalization of the Activity which is intended to be carried out in the health center or any kind of service provided. In case if you want some more information regarding our health licensing service then feel free to contact us at any time.

We will also reduce your time that it will take most medical license applicants to represent themselves by some weeks, and in some cases to months. In addition to speeding up the process, we will also eliminate the usual stress of the people by handling about 99% of all the medical license application process for our clients.