Best places to enjoy an elegant sirloin steak hong kong

Steak is one of the most premia and beloved meat cuts for many people most premia and beloved meat cuts. It is because it melts in the mouth. A steak delivers its flavor as one crushes the meat between the lower and upper molars. The juiciness and tenderness are unparalleled. So, it is natural to crave a sirloin steak hong kong has. If someone wishes to enjoy it, here are the best restaurants in the town.

  1. Porterhouse

This place is known as the best place for quality beef. They are proud to have one of the widest ranges of steak in the city. One can also find the mouth-watering on-the-bone cut, which has both tenderloin and striploin in one piece. The menu is extensive, and the award-winning staff ensures one gets their money’s worth.

  1. Henry’s

This place is Hong Kong’s take on the classic American steakhouse. It is located in a luxury hotel called the Rosewood, near the Victoria Dockside. Several review platforms and experts acknowledged it as the ‘meat-lovers dreamland’ in 2018. They source their meat from US cattle farms and ranches.

  1. Buenos Aires Polo Club

Apart from the food, the vibe at this place serves. They serve several South-American dishes. One can enjoy the delicious Argentinian pure Black Angus and other cuts famous in the Southern continents. Their sweet potatoes are steamed to perfection, and creamy spinach is also popular among many.

  1. Grand Hyatt Steakhouse

If someone wants a globally-inspired menu, Grand Hyatt is the best place. One can find dishes from Japan, the UK, and the US. The expert in-house butchers prepare the best meat delights of beef fillet hong kong has.

So, one can visit any of these places if they fancy a ‘fancy’ piece of meat.