Additive Manufacturing Singapore – Different Reasons For Using Additive Manufacturing

Industrial companies used subtractive techniques including molds, cutting, and drilling to manufacture products. While removing material from a large whole has been successful in the past, current additive manufacturing technologies are swiftly eliminating it. Additive Manufacturing is also called 3D printing. It is a computer-controlled process for producing three-dimensional items. Additive manufacturing produces less waste than subtractive manufacturing, resulting in cheaper prices. There are many other advantages of using additive manufacturing singapore. Scroll down to know about the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing Singapore – A Quick List Of Various Benefits Of Additive Manufacturing

  • Cost: For most businesses, the cost of equipment has been rather high in the past, but new technology has made an entrance into AM production much more reasonable, with machines costing roughly 3-4000 USD. Manufacturers can also boost the speed and profitability of their operations by using AM to lower the amount of capital required to scale a business without making substantial adjustments in the future.
  • Easy to use: All new technology and machinery come with a learning curve. There is a training available on how to use AM and 3D printers that are easily accessible. There will be suitable training offered, whether you are responsible for running the AM equipment or are on the CAD design side.
  • Less Wastage: Many conventional manufacturing methods begin with a larger block of metal or a piece of wood, which can then be reduced. Milled-away material particles are frequently of no commercial use. Additive Manufacturing begins with nothing and then adds what is required, resulting in less waste of basic materials.