A Guide To Unsecured Business Term Loan

Small firms may spread the repayment of their debt over a more extended period using business term loans, often known as term finance. You’ll be able to get the money you need for your company while still having a healthy cash flow. Learn more about an unsecured business term loan.

What are the advantages of short-term, unsecured business term loans for small businesses?

Business term loans are unsecured loans for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are repaid in regular installments over a predetermined length of time. Purchasing more items or equipment, or adding more employees, are all options you have if you have additional funds to work with. Expanding your business is now possible because of your financial resources. Refinancing your debt is also an option.

Loan amounts may be arranged in a variety of ways

You may apply for a loan amount ranging from S$50,000 to S$2 million, allowing you to choose a quantity within your means. Amounts will be paid out soon once your application is accepted.

unsecured business term loan

Flexible alternatives for reimbursing loans

It’s up to you how long you want to repay the loan, how often, and how much you’ll have to pay. It provides short-term and long-term loan alternatives that may be paid back over several months or a year.

Fixed interest rates at a low rate of interest

To maximize your savings, provide interest rates as low as 0.8 percent each month. The interest rates on our loans are similarly set and will not vary for the life of their payback period.

Three simple actions are all that is required to get started with us

A Singapore-based lender offers unsecured business term loans and micro-loans to local Singapore-based businesses.