Natural Ways for Straightening Your Beautiful Hair – Check Them Out

Hair straightening will never be out of style. Many people yearn for shiny, sleek, and chic look that only straight hair will give them. Particularly when you’re riddled with the thick and frizz hair on majority of the days. But, styling your hair quite often and opting for the permanent straightening will be detrimental for your hair’s health. Making use of the Alisado natural to straighten the hair will take a bit longer to show exact results, however it will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. Given are some natural ways of straightening your hair right at your home.

Brush your wet hair till it dries out

After cleaning your hair, let your hair dry out completely, and continue to brush them every 5 minutes. Pull out & hold every section of your hair for some seconds and encourage this to straighten out. Also, you can do it in front of the fan that will be much faster, but needs constant brushing.

Consider wrapping your hair

This is another popular method to get your hair straightened without any heat styling, however not everybody knows how they can do it properly and effectively. Fortunately, there are many tutorials on hair wrapping that are geared toward all type of hair.

Whereas there are many different ways for hair lengths and textures, basics are the same. You will require “long” bobby pins (around 3 inches in length or roller pins), and satin “hair wrapping” turban or scarf.

To wrap your hair, just separate its top section and part your hair, you can use fine-toothed comb and comb them flat. Holding your hair taut, bring your hair to its opposite side from where it falls and pin tightly to its side. You will have to repeat the method for every hair section, and secure it with the hair turban before hitting the bed.

Final Words

Hair straightening can damage your hair, thus look for the solutions that can keep your hair strands in a right order. So, next time when you admire any woman with the sleek and straight hair, keep in mind you also can achieve similar look, without any side-effects of the hair fall or split ends.

The natural remedies, when followed for around 4 weeks and 3 times in a week will not just up your style quotient but give you the healthy and luxuriant hair.